Saturday, September 5, 2015


Several months ago I happened upon a wonderful website. Someone had posted a link on facebook, the title screaming "GIRL HASN'T MADE WASTE IN 2 YEARS!!!!!". I was very intrigued- I considered myself to be fairly "eco-friendly", but not making waste?? That seemed nuts. So I had to check it out. For the next several hours I was entranced by the blog Trash is for Tossers, written by the lovely Lauren Singer. Her blog became my inspiration. I ever discovered a few more jems along the way, some other favorites being the No Trash Project and the Zero Waste Chef. With the guidance of these blogs, I began to slowly transition away from plastic, packaging, and waste, and found myself relying on bulk aisles and the beautiful produce at my local farmers market. We now only have to take the trash out every few weeks, and only because it is a bit smelly, not because it is full! Recycling is the same- I am slowly but surely whittling down the amount we produce and finding new alternatives to single-use containers. I have found that is has given me great pleasure to see out household waste shrink. If this sounds like the lifestyle for you, stick around! I promise it is simple and fun, and will bring you a great amount of joy!


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