Saturday, June 4, 2016

An ode to cloth diapers

So cloth diapers are amazing. We had to use disposables for a few days as the cloth was not allowing his umbilical cord to air out and heal, and we HATED them. They leaked because the sizing on them wasn't the best for him, plus they irritated his bottom almost immediately (once we switched from pampers to Seventh Generation this went away). Once his cord fell out, we've been cloth diapers and wipes all the way. Here is a picture of our setup:

I crocheted the hanging baskets out of yarn I had in my stash. The one on the left holds cloth wipes (6x6 inch squares I cut from flannel and serged) and the one on the right holds our waterproof covers (a few Best Bottoms I scored at a second hand store, and a few I broke down and ordered off of Amazon). Then all of our cloth diapers (I got the Gerber brand ones as a gift, love them), my homemade baby wipe spray, and some cloth diaper friendly butt paste (I will be making my own once we run out). Our diaper pail is lined with a reusable and washable liner. This whole setup works really well for us. I wash diapers every other day with detergent I buy in bulk at the co-op. We use a Snappi to close the prefolds- this does a great job and really helps the diaper fit snugly and keep leaks in. And no messing with pins, which makes me nervous with one very squirmy baby! Is anyone else loving the cloth diapers? 

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